Request for Services

Our temple priest will be available to perform religious services for families in their homes, rental halls or at the temple. Please review the THT Priest Services List and send us an email at priest@triadhindutemple.org well in advance to request priest services.

THT Priest Services

Priest ServiceAt Temple Outside Temple* 
Bhoomi PujaNANA101125
Chaula Karma75101101125
Ganapati Puja75101101125
Hiranya Shradham75101101125
Navagraha Shanti Puja75101101125
Puja at Business PlaceNANA101125
Homam for Any Diety75125101151
Satyanarayana Puja75125101151
Inauguration of Business PlaceNANA151201
GruhaPravesam/House Warming General PujaNANA151201
GruhaPravesam/House Warming & Satyanarayana PujaNANA201251
GruhaPravesam/House Warming & Ganesh HavanNANA201251
GruhaPravesam/House Warming & Satyanarayana Puja & Ganesh HavanNANA251301
Upanayanam/Janevu Ceremony151201201251
Seemantham/Baby shower101125125151
Vahana/Car Puja2525NANA
Priest Services at Other Temple per dayNANA150150

For booking priest services, please contact priest@triadhindutemple.org well in advance
* Outside Temple Priest Services are not available during Temple timings
* Outside Temple Priest Services greater than 30 miles will have to pay mileage to the Priest at 0.565/mile
* Please co-rodinate with the Priest for list of materials required for the above priest services. The host is responsible for procuring all the puja items
* The above amount should be paid at least three days in advance by Check in favor of HSNC
* Additionally, as per your convenience, Priest Dakshina can be paid by the host directly to the Priest upon completing the services
* For services not listed above, please contact the temple authorities at priest@triadhindutemple.org
* Above charges doesn’t include Overnight Priest Stay. Please contact the temple authorities at priest@triadhindutemple.org for Priest Overnight Stay charges.
* Host is responsible to provide flight/stay for Outstation priest services
* Priest service charges for Marriage are for 0-4hrs only. There is $50/hr charge for anything above 4hrs.