HSNC/THT achieved a major milestone in 2012 by hiring an in-house priest to not only perform daily Pujas for the deities and major religious events, but also to cater to individual community members’ needs so that all traditional Hindu rites and rituals are performed.

Our Priest, Mahadacharya, Sri Muralikrishna Sarma Bhuvanagiri (Sarmaaji) , comes from a traditional Vedic family and is a native of Hyderabad, AP, India. He is fluent in his native language, Telugu, Sanskrit, Hindi and English and can understand a few other Indian languages. Sri. Sarmaaji is married to Smt. Lakshmi Prasanna and has two daughters.

Sri. Sarmaaji can perform all Pujas, Havans, Shanti Pariharas and Srardhadhi Karmas at your house. A detailed list of Shodasha samskaras for Community from pre-birth to funeral rites services he can perform are listed in the temple website.

His Temple related work experiences to include: Devalaya Samprokshanam; Nitya Shodasopachara Puja; Abhishekams, Alankarams, Archanas; Aalya utsava; Temple Festivals like Brahmotsavam, Kalyanotsavam. Devalaya Prathistapanas; Devalaya Kumbhabishekams; all homams to Devatas: Chandi homam, Sri Sudarshana Homam and various other Yagnams normally done only in Temples.

He can teach Vedas, Slokas, Sahasranama, Bhagavatgita, and has done upanyasams. He was conducting a Program in BHAKTI television by name NOMULUVRATALU for the last 2 years. This was nominated for the television Nandi awards. His hobbies are Devotional Discourses, Upanyasam, Singing Bhajans, Satsang & Puranapatanam (reading and storytelling from Purnas and Bhagavatam. He is also well versed in Vastu Sastras and Astrology.

We encourage every family in our community to avail priest services for a special day of your life (wedding anniversary, birthday, Sarawathi puja, Satyanarayana katha, Aayushya Homam, etc.) and receive blessings from him.

To inquire about priest services in and outside the temple, please email .